Handcrafted Beeswax Food Wraps

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These food wraps are handcrafted from cotton and beeswax to create reusable and antibacterial food wraps that will replace the plastic wrap and bags in your kitchen.


Use the warmth of your hands to wrap the malleable food wraps around your food or over a bowl. When the wraps cool — within seconds — they will hold their seal. Wrap up your vegetables, bread, fruit, fresh herbs, and baked goods! But please do not use your wraps to cover raw meat.

Wipe your wraps with cool water with mild dish soap, and let air-dry. Reuse again and again! However, please avoid sources of heat, such as hot water or microwaves.


  Reduce - use instead of one-use plastic wrap

  Reuse - continue to use wraps from 6 - 12 months

  Repair - re-wax wraps when needed

  Repurpose - cut up wraps after final use and use to start fires


Our fabric sets were meticulously chosen and handcrafted by us, Shanny & Kel - two long time friends in our east Toronto homes. We started this project to help our families with sustainability and with the hope of supporting others in caring for our planet.