Frosty Mint Castile Soap by The Green Beaver-495 ml

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A wonderful touch of winter goes a long way!

Brighten up your day with a fresh and white clean, thanks to the frosty mint liquid Castille soap! This solution blends the cold of winter with the purifying effects of soap to provide you the crispest soap you’ve ever used! This one will rekindle your long-lost joy for cleaning.

This is the miracle product that cleans all! Toilets, baths, sinks, floors and dishes, skin and even hair! Indeed, this product can get rid of all concevable dirt and grit! Here’s the trick: just add water. Simple, like how things should be! Discover our multipurpose recipes here. 

*Natural and Organic Cosmetic certified by ECOCERT Greenlife


*Ingredients from organic farming
** Made using organic ingredients
100% of the total ingredients are from natural origin
30.6% of the total ingredients are from organic farming

Natural and Organic Cosmetics certified by ECOCERT Greenlife according to ECOCERT Standard available at