Diva Cup

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Since 2003, Diva International has believed that menstrual care products should offer health and convenience for women, while easing up on the environment and pocketbooks. Find freedom from the harmful products of the past and embrace a greener, healthier future with The DivaCup and DivaWash.

Many women feel uneasy about changing their menstrual care routine. Years of dealing with the sights and odors of disposable tampons and pads cause the familiar reaction: “ick!” All the tossing and flushing every month can make you believe you must hide and dispose of your menstrual flow in shame. As a result, landfills are overflowing with disposable products that risk the future and health of our planet.

Discover the healthy “non-ick” alternatives to traditional feminine hygiene products. Join women worldwide by switching to The DivaCup today!

Please note all contents of divacup.com is intended for informational purposes and is not offered as medical advice, nor does it substitute for consultation with your physician. If you have any gynecological/medical concerns or conditions, please consult your physician prior to using a menstrual cup.

For additional information please consult your DivaCup user guide. Can’t find your guide? Email info@divacup.com and we’ll send you a PDF version via email. 

You can also find more information on the Diva Cup and how to use it at https://divacup.com/products/


Model 0:

You are new to the world of periods and 18 years of age or younger

Model 1:

You are between the ages of 19 and 30 and have a medium menstrual flow.

Model 2:

You are over the age of 30 and/or have a heavier menstrual flow.