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Shipping and Returns

We ship plastic free within 3-5 business days once an order has been placed, Monday-Friday via Canada Post through their Ground/Surface delivery service unless  otherwise requested.

We offer free shipping on orders over $75 within Canada.

We do not accept returns of our products due to the environmental impact of reverse shipping and sanitary reasons.  Over 5 billion pounds of waste is created annually due to reverse shipping!  We ask that customers ask lots of questions before purchasing.  If you have a specific concern please email us and the request will be handled on a case by case basis. 

Throughout my life, I have always loved and been intrigued with various types of essential oils and products.  As a mother of three small children, I became increasingly aware of the vast amounts of chemicals in the everyday items that we use on our bodies and in the keeping of our homes.  Today, with growing environmental urgency in the world, I see our health and clean living as inseparable entities. In our family, we strive to use sustainable and natural products to help reduce our environmental footprint.  This Marketplace is a compilation of great brands our family has grown to love, and we hope you love them, too! 


Green Knees Marketplace is based out of ETOBICOKE, ON. Canada 

It is founded by Shona Thompson.

If you have questions you may direct them to

‘Niche’ Note

Wondering where to begin in your quest to live a more sustainable lifestyle? Instead, try asking where it ends? What seemingly small things are you willing to change that make a huge impact on our environmental footprint? Start with personal care products that also have an impact on your body and your health. Because once you take that first step, you’ll never be able to imagine going back to the era of plastic, chemicals and waste. You simply can’t afford to. You are precious. And so, is the earth.

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